Moving to Belgium – a comprehensive guide

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Moving to Belgium – a comprehensive guide

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and overwhelming. At Moving People, we understand the challenges expatriates face when relocating, which is why we’ve curated a team of experts dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for our candidates moving to Belgium.

Let’s walk through the key stages of our relocation process:

  1. Finding Accommodation: Securing accommodation is a top priority when moving to Belgium. We leverage platforms like Immoweb and Immovlan to help candidates find suitable housing options that meet their budget and location preferences. Additionally, coliving spaces offer a convenient solution for those looking to build a community and settle in quickly.
  2. Signing a Lease: Our team acts as intermediaries between candidates and landlords, helping negotiate lease terms and provide context to rental applications. Before signing a lease, we ensure candidates understand rental conditions, deposit requirements, and other important details.
  3. Registering with Local Authorities: After moving into their new homes, candidates are required to register with the local municipality. Our team guides them through the registration process, assists with document translation, and ensures compliance with residency requirements.
  4. Opening a Bank Account: We partner with local banks to streamline the process of opening a bank account for our candidates. With proof of identity and residence, along with assistance from Moving People, candidates can access banking services quickly upon arrival.
  5. Registration with Mutual Insurance: To access healthcare and other benefits, candidates must register with a mutual insurance company in Belgium. Our team facilitates this process, ensuring candidates understand their coverage options and complete the necessary paperwork promptly.

Moving to Belgium is a significant life change, but with the support of Moving People, candidates can navigate the relocation process with confidence.