Belgium’s work-life balance: striking harmony amidst productivity

Belgium’s work-life balance: striking harmony amidst productivity

According to the index, Belgium excels in multiple dimensions of well-being, outperforming the global average in income, education, housing, health, civic engagement, and life satisfaction. However, the nation falls below average in social connections, as per the latest data available (2020).

The report highlights Belgium’s remarkable statistic that only about 4% of employees work excessively long hours, significantly less than the OECD average of 10%. This underscores the crucial importance of the time spent at work, as prolonged hours can negatively impact personal health, safety, and overall stress levels.

Leisure time is a precious commodity, crucial for overall well-being. The more time individuals devote to work, the less they have for socializing, leisure activities, and personal care. In Belgium, full-time workers dedicate an average of 65% of their day to personal care and leisure activities, slightly above the OECD average.

Moreover, a recent survey by the SD Worx social secretariat reveals that over half of Belgians (53%) express satisfaction with their work-life balance, partly attributed to their right to disconnect, positioning Belgium as a European leader.

Nonetheless, achieving work-life equilibrium remains a challenge, especially for working parents, with 70% indicating struggles in balancing childcare responsibilities with their careers. Governments play a pivotal role in addressing this issue by promoting supportive and flexible working practices, facilitating a better balance between work and personal life.

Belgians rate their general life satisfaction at an average of 6.8, slightly higher than the OECD average. Despite this, the country still strives for improvement to match the exemplary work-life harmony seen in top performers like Italy, Denmark, and Norway.

Belgium stands as a beacon of work-life balance, embodying the essence of harmonious living amidst productivity.