Moving people

The foreign healthcare staff management specialist

Why recruit abroad?

Numerous Western countries (France, Switzerland, Canada, Great Britain, etc) have to contend with a shortage of nursing auxiliaries, nurses, general practitioners and specialists.

Belgium: the lack of nursing staff is growing and according to some projections the number will rise to 13 000 in the next thirty years given the age pyramid. In Flanders, 90 % of care and nursing homes are looking for nursing staff.

Switzerland: 25 000 nurses have to be found between now and 2020.

France: More than 17 500 nurses have to be found in the next ten years.

If patients want to be treated in their own country and close to home, new policies and actions will have to be pursued.

Moving People recruits in Portugal, Romania, Tunisia and Lebanon

  • Quality of candidates’ training
  • Cultural and/or linguistic proximity
  • Candidates are looking for professional, technological and statutory valorisation and long-term careers

Moving People is constantly on the look out for new countries that will allow it to respond to the growing demands of its clients and the ambitions of qualified personnel looking for a new professional and human challenge.