Moving people

The foreign healthcare staff management specialist


Mr. Deraemaecker
“Language is important in the choice of candidates. Moving People is a solution for the recruitment of nursing staff.”

Head of department — Residential Care, St. Augustinus, Halle Mr. Deraemaecker
Cornelia Cristian
“Moving People is a stroke of luck, like a friend that helps me if I have problems or questions. I’m happy because I’m learning new care techniques in Belgium. I recommend Moving People to anyone with experience."

Nurse — Hof ter Waarbeek (Levensdroom Care Home) Asse Cornelia Cristian
Dr. Pandeli
"You have to adapt and learn to be open because medicine is different in every country I’ve practised in. I’m in Belgium thanks to Moving People, which is a serious partner. They do what they say they will. With Moving People we get a good welcome and support in our new environment."

Gynaecologist — Lobbes Hospital Dr. Pandeli
Dr. Gianina Prisacariu
"You shouldn’t be afraid; it’s difficult but not impossible. Life is different in Belgium – everything is better here. It’s important to learn the language, but Moving People helps you. Without Moving People I would still be in Romania. Moving People is a training opportunity, because in Belgium I have plenty of support and receive good training. I love my profession and Belgium."

3rd year assistant at CHR, Tournai Dr. Gianina Prisacariu
Daniel Nechita
“Well integrated in the work environment and well received in Belgium. All this thanks to Moving People – and they didn’t ask any money for it.”

Nurse Operating Theatre — Brussels Europe Hospitals Daniel Nechita
Faycel Khabbouchi
“ The first month is difficult, but the contact with Moving People is very good. They facilitate a lot of things.”

Brussels Europe Hospitals — Nurse Pneumology Faycel Khabbouchi
Sabine Kassouf
“I got introduced to Moving People by friends who came to Belgium thanks to them. I have a very good working experience in Belgium, even though the work is not always easy. I learn a lot on social, professial and cultural level.”

Nurse orthopedics — Europe Hospitals Sabine Kassouf
Mohamed Merheb
“Moving People is the first step or contact to a new chance. Moving People gives a lot of opportunities.”

Nurse — Valida Hospital Mohamed Merheb
Mouna Farhat
“It’s not easy to change places, but it’s the willingness that counts. Here, we learn to work differently”.

Nurse - Valida Hospital Mouna Farhat