Moving people

The foreign healthcare staff management specialist

Ethical Charter


Our work method is focused on human beings and on ethics. We are determined to respect the following 15 commitments :

  1. To humanise economic migration
  2. To promote well-being for everyone including, ultimately, the patients
  3. To facilitate the entire recruitment process in a foreign country; an activity likely to develop strongly in the course of the 21st century
  4. To assist and support the candidate systematically in the various aspects of his private and professional life, whilst leaving him complete freedom of choice
  5. To evaluate the employee’s and the employer’s situation regularly
  6. To provide candidates and employers with completely objective and transparent information
  7. To recruit healthcare professionals with healthcare professionals
  8. To respect our commitments thanks to our conscientious, humane, competent and multidisciplinary teams
  9. To verify candidates’ genuine qualifications, their motives and the veracity of the facts
  10. To ensure that every application is legally and administratively sound
  11. To guarantee support and a tomorrow for motivated and competent candidates in case of a setback
  12. To guarantee an alternative solution for employers in case of a setback
  13. To work for the long term
  14. To build a relationship of trust with both the candidates and the employers
  15. To be your partner, constantly seeking to improve the service offered

Moving People scrupulously follows the recommendations of the European Federation of Nurses Associations.

Likewise, Moving People is vigilant that the entire body of European Directives governing employment relations in the European Union are respected.
Some of them specifically concern the recruitment and employment of nurses (working hours and conditions, work quality, equal opportunities)