Moving people

The foreign healthcare staff management specialist

Who is Moving People?

Moving People specialises in international recruitment in the field of healthcare for hospitals, care and nursing homes, home care and the pharmaceutical sector.

Moving People selects medical and paramedical personnel from abroad. We have a structural presence in the candidates’ country of origin.

88 % of the candidates we select complete their trial period successfully, which is more than national average!

Our method, based on respect for human beings and ethics, has proved its effectiveness. The well being of our new employees, the satisfaction of their employers and therefore the patients are our main objectives.

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The Moving People philosophy

Since the dawn of time, the migration of foreign workers has been a part of human life.

Moving People is the only expert in international recruitment that covers all the specific professions in the healthcare sector.

We select personnel qualified abroad (Portugal, Romania, Tunisia, Lebanon) to practise their profession in Belgium or France.

Since 2005, Moving People has offered training, follow-up and private and professional support to (para) medical personnel who emigrate. This support and, more important even, the follow-up provided in the new living environment are a guarantee of success.
Moving People wants to set up a real reference partnership with employers based on trust, professionalism and humanity, which are the very essence of our professions.

Since the launch of its activities in 2005, Moving People has achieved more than 1.000 placements in the Belgian employment market, where it is the undisputed leader.