Moving people

The foreign healthcare staff management specialist


1. Definition of profile required

  • Needs analysis
  • Analysis of specifics of your establishment and your services
  • Promotion of your job offers in the candidates’ countries of origin
  • Potential candidates informed of the vacancies

2. Search for candidates

  • Identification of the ideal candidate in his country of origin
  • Verification of abilities, diplomas and the candidate’s motives by professionals in your sector
  • Preparation for departure so as to increase chances of success

3. Preselection, selection and employment contract

  • Pre-selection:

    • Pre-selection of doctors by an experienced doctor
    • Pre-selection of nurses.
    • Systematic evaluation of motives for expatriation, potential success rate, ability to integrate, linguistic knowledge and family situation
    • Short list of candidates
  • Selection:

    • Organisation of language lessons
    • Complementary technical training in nursing care
    • Obtainment of equivalence for diplomas
    • Job interviews with (candidate employer) potential employer
  • Employment contract:

    • Signing of employment contract
    • Obtainment of work permit
    • Obtainment of residence permit

4. Welcome

  • Personalised welcome at the airport
  • Moving People’s support service welcomes and provides support for the new employee 24H/24h
  • Temporary and permanent accommodation (loan from Moving People for bank guarantee)
  • Provide mobile phone accessibility
  • Administrative regularisation (permit to practice, enrolment in Order of Doctors, etc)
  • If necessary, assistance in reuniting with spouse and/or children

5. Follow-up

  • Telephone follow-up in mother tongue (several times a week in the first months following arrival)
  • Professional evaluation in the institution (several times during the trial period)
  • Possible organisation of complementary training (language and/or technical)
  • Long-term administrative support and follow-up (prolongation of work permit, etc)
  • Organisation of events (evenings, restaurant, day excursions, visits, etc)

All of these services are provided with complete respect for candidates’ freedom of choice.

6. Replacement

  • No-fee replacement of candidates in case of failure to complete trial period successfully and, in accordance with our guarantee, during the 6 months following the trial period
  • A new post is sought for the liberated candidate corresponding to his skills. Former employer is kept up to date on progress of search for new post.
  • Support and financial assistance if candidate fails to complete trial period successfully (if he wants to find a new post)