Moving people

The foreign healthcare staff management specialist

Why choose Moving People?

You need to find employees with medical or paramedical qualifications fast. Moving People can give you the answer. An alternative good-quality answer for your personnel needs.

Our personalised assistance, which takes into consideration cultural differences, will allow you to reduce the turnover of people sourced from abroad in your team. We will take care of finding a professional who will rapidly be operational in your structure.

Moving People and its experienced, multidisciplinary team will manage the whole engagement process and offer every guarantee for the success of the mission. If the trial period is not a success, we will propose another candidate at no extra fee.

We would like to be your partner, your facilitator, not just during the whole recruitment process, so that the ideal candidate is selected, but also, in particular, to help you during the first few years of the collaboration with your new employee, so that the integration is successful and lasting.

The real added value of a recruitment agency abroad lies in appropriate support and the speed of the reaction when difficulties occur in the workplace or the social environment in the host country as much as in the selection of a good candidate in the country of origin.

The multidisciplinary and multicultural nature of the Moving People teams ensures you maximum efficacy in the 2 key aspects of international recruitment (selection and support).

Our five primary objectives with regard to you:

  • Qualified competence
  • Long-term professional integration
  • Adaptability to suit your request, your specific requirements and your structure
  • High level of satisfaction*
  • Ethics and humanity

* If you use our services to engage an employee you have a 80% chance that the person selected will work in your service for more than 2 years.